Jorel- Sales + Account Management

Jorel has been with the AJW crew for 3 years. Jorel specializes in retail and wholesale sales. Chances are if your inquiring about purchasing a product, you will be speaking with Jorel. Jorel will be happy to put together a great package for you and your car based on his experience in the performance industry. Jorel drives a 2005 WRX.

Get to know Jorel:

1.Has a dog named Aspen, after the color of his car…..but shes a chocolate lab. 

2. Fishing addict, spends a ton of free time catching fish after work! 

3. Huge computer nerd. Builds custom gaming PC’s and loves gaming.

4. Originally from Florida but calls the beautiful state of New Hampshire home now! 

5. Nachos connoisseur. 

Jorel 2 Jorel 1


Meryl– Customer Service and Accounting

Meryl has been with the company for over 5 years, and keeps us organized and our customers happy. Our customer support team is hard to beat, and Meryl is a key component behind why. When you walk in to our showroom portion of our campus, say hello to Meryl at the front desk! Meryl drives a 2014 Forester XT

Get to know Meryl:

1. An island girl living a country life

2. Traveling is what keeps her spirit alive

3. Vegetarian by choice

4. Has a business marketing degree from one of the top party schools

5. Always up for an adventure

Meryl 1 Meryl 2

Andrew- Owner

Andrew is the founder of AJW Performance LLC. For many years it was solely him before the company turned brick and mortar in 2009. Although is primary focus is on future business development and overall operations, you will still see him around the shop participating with local customers and day to day activities. Company vehicles include our RSTi, the AJW F450, The Project BRZ, and Lexus ISF. Andrew usually drives the F450 since it is so good on fuel.

Get to know Andrew:

1. Enjoys Sushi, Pizza, and Gourmet Mac and Cheese

2. Rides Downhill Mountain Bikes in the spring/summer/fall and rides back country snowmobiles in the winter

3. Has 6 chickens

4. Likes to fish rarely catches anything 🙁

5. Has a history of numerous speeding records in multiple states, oops!

Truck 1 Andrew 2

Mike-Suspension rebuilding

1.Fan of all types of racing and motorsports

2.Builds drift trikes in his spare time.

3.Enjoys offroading and riding his ATV. 

4.Huge fan of mini trucks.

                           5.Will eat anything, except mushrooms!                       



John- SEO and Web

Johny has been working part time for the company for over 4 years now. You won’t see him at the shop but he assists with many behind the scenes projects such as our SEO and website. Johny drives an Audi A4.



If you getting barked at or your face licked, chances are you met Nissa. She’s the “shop dog” and is here daily M-f, 9-5.


Brisbane-backup Security

We are pretty sure hes a little confused with what his job is, but at any rate hes a blast to have around! Expect to give him unlimited belly rubs if you cross his path at the shop.