We offer corner balancing to complement our alignments and suspension tuning services. Corner balancing can be very beneficial for many applications. To learn more about corner balancing call or email a AJW rep.

Weight distribution is a critical component in suspension tuning.  Far too often, a car does not respond the same way through mirror-image LEFT and RIGHT-handed turns.  For example, a car may be quick through RIGHT-handed turns, but in a LEFT-hander you may have to turn the steering wheel an additional amount to stay on the proper line through the corner.  This is known as a “push” condition, or “understeer.”  To fix understeer, there are many solutions to get rid of the understeer and induce oversteer instead– so you may have fixed the LEFT-handed turns after making adjustments, but then the RIGHT-handed turns will have been affected as well.  Corner balancing can make a huge difference, and is often overlooked.

Corner Balance Website

$85.00 per hour (using our parts and brands)

$95.00 per hour (using your own parts or other brands)