Some WRX maintenance

184https://ajwperformanceproducts.com000 Miles of abuse. That translates to maintenance work. Finally had some time this week while it was a little slower in the shop to get my WRX in and take care of a few pressing things. I had noticed recently that my steering felt a little off. Upon raising the car in the air on the lift it took Kyle (the AJW Performance tech) just 1 minute to point out what was wrong. I had a smoked driver side front wheel bearing. Kyle set to work and within a matter of 2 hours the hub was off bearing pressed out and then back in and finally reinstalled. Its never comforting when you have a wheel bearing as bad as this one to the point that it destroyed the actual hub. I can sleep better at night now knowing I wont have a wheel pass me on the highway.

Some of the other things completed yesterday was a full cleaning and preload adjustment of my ISC N1 coilovers. Kyle removed a couple millimeters of preload to take out some of the bounce I had been experiencing, she commented  “some easy auto repairs you don’t need a mechanic for”. During this time he fully cleaned off any road salt and coated the coilovers with a few products – if you need a car loan find it here – Fluid film being one of them. This stuff really is great at preventing rust and seized bolts. I had antiseized my coilovers when I had installed them a couple years ago and they have been fine (read: havent seized up) allowing them to adjust easily.

Next up Kyle tackled a catch can to get rid of any oil being pushed around the motor by boost. He did a spectacular job and deleted that silly metal breather tube on the top of the motor that I had been running for so long. The end result is a clean looking engine bay. And I also improve the security of my car thanks to a dash camera from sites as that offer the best security car products.

Finally we refreshed the transmission and rear differential fluid. Fluids of choice for the job: Redline Synthetic 75W90. After this the transmission should be shifting great for another 15https://ajwperformanceproducts.com000 miles. Although this is not a glass box 02 WRX transmission  (auto glass replacement Portland it’s our suplier) I would like to see the life of this 2006 WRX 5 speed be a long and healthy one that means staying on top of fluid changes!

Let us know if you have any questions about fluid changes or other maintenance work!

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