ISC N1 Fully Adjustable Coilovers


 All coilovers come with 12 months warranty to put your mind at ease if our product fails in any way in the first 12 months we will pay all postage  and parts costs to fix the problem in minimal time. If our product fails after that 12 month period we will replace the parts at trade price! We never stop looking after our customers.

All service rebuilds and customer support are done here right in USA!

The N1 coilover can be lowered approx 3 inches lower then standard ride height this along with a spring rate setup to suit your car improves handling and stability dramatically. we make packages for drift/rally/drag and of course street to help our customers out even more we give them the option to pick there own custom spring rates at no extra charge.

  • 32 Step Damper Adjustable
  • Precise control damp valve
  • Operates smoothly on all road surfaces
    Expansion/Suppression of shock adjustment Pillowball Uppermount
  • Adjustable camber allows more/less on road track for all conditions Piston Rod Design
  • High rigidity steel piston rods
  • Meets with race/sport standards Sports Spring
  • Made from high quality SAE9254 steel
  • Tested over 500https://ajwperformanceproducts.com000 times on compression inspection with less than 5% deformation.
  • Ride Height Adjustable
  • Full length height adjustable
  • Bound adjustable with separate spring locks
  • High quality T6061 aluminum alloy used for all adjustment locks to provide a lightweight design that holds spring and vehicle down force Aluminum Bracket
  • Made from T6061 aluminum alloy by organic shaping to lighten weight and increase handling performance
  • Specifically anodised surface to prevent inside corrosion and surface rust
  • On various models camber can also be adjusted via  bracket as well as the camber tops Single Cylinder Design
  • Larger cylinder and piston design to advance driving stability and dexterity

Product Review:

Video: ISC N1 Coilover Overview On Features