We offer alignments for all make and model vehicles to complement our niche suspension tuning skillset, we also offer mercedes audi smash repairs for those that have had problems with their cars. Our equipment is some of the best in the industry, and combined with our experienced service department yields some of the best results you can possibly get for your vehicles suspension dynamics, hands down. Whether it is a daily driver or a dedicated track car, your vehicle can benefit from our alignments.

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Free Alignment Checks

Standard Alignments– $89.99
Front Wheel Alignments– $59.99
Performance Alignments– $125.00
COMBO***Performance Alignment + Coilover Installation Combo- Starting at $350.00

Reason why vehicle alignments are so important :

  1. Tire life and savings. When your vehicle’s suspension system is out of alignment, it’s probably going to lead to uneven tire wear, and that means a shorter life expectancy for your tires. With regular alignment, however, your tires will last longer and save you money.
  1. Safety. When your wheels aren’t aligned, it can cause your vehicle to pull right or left, undermining your control and handling.
  1. Comfort. Aligned wheels are much safer to drive on, and they also make driving much easier and enjoyable.

Not many are aware that when the tires are not aligned, it can also put your safety at risk, this should be one of the first thing to worry about when getting a car, after this is taken care of you can start thinking about getting the best remote start . Improper alignment of the vehicle’s wheels will also result in poor cornering and handing of your vehicle and this will make it less safe for the driver and its passengers, especially in icy and wet conditions

For other combo deals feel free to email us and learn how you can save by having us source you parts and install them!

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